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Strategic Account Management program

"The PACE Australia Sales Account Management program has proved invaluable to the team. It has given a common understanding and developed their sales skills considerably. They look forward to the events, which are carried out with fun and innovation, ensuring that they learn and remember. I highly recommend this style of coaching." ~ Jane Britten, National Development Manager / WorldXchange Communications

"The program has helped me to re-assess best work practices and to ensure a more effective customer-oriented week." ~ Melissa D'Souza, Corporate Account Manager / WorldXchange Communications

"PACE Australia, unlike other strategic selling courses I have attended, support the theory with transportable and useable tools that are invaluable in our professional dealings." ~ Jennifer Buck, Account Manager / WorldXchange Communications

"Having a second course has reinforced the techniques and skills - thank you for helping me to do a better job." ~ Michelle Hart, Team Leader / WorldXchange Communications

"There were times when I was lost, there were times when I was learning more then I've learnt for long time. But in the last hour it has become unbelievably clear to me: what I must to do to improve my professionalism." ~ Chris Andony, Account Executive / Qantas Airways

"Very powerful! To be introduced to such a brilliant technique which is yet so simple, is a great opportunity for me to improve and grow, and therefore be more successful to Qantas- the importance of a structured approach to my accounts cannot be underestimated." ~ Maria Miklenda, Account Executive / Qantas Airways

"A huge learning experience. I joined Airlink 5 weeks ago and find that after the past 2 days I feel exceptionally confident in managing existing accounts and negotiating new business." ~ Natalie Dillon, Account Executive / Airlink (Qantas Airways)

"This process has given me the tools I need to go out into the field and perform at an optimum level, and at the end of the day to enhance Qantas possibility to obtain more business and maintain satisfied clients" ~ Doug Wesney, Account Executive / Qantas Airways

"Fantastic! Has made me focus below the macro level. Understand why you need every part of the process - relationships are not enough." ~ Shirely Field, Manager Sales / Qantas Airways, ACT

"This has provided a great structure that can be applied to any account" ~ Brett Mooney, Commercial Sales Executive / Qantas Airways

"The Australian sales team has benefited greatly from participating in the PACE Australia Account Management and Development program. It has been a rare opportunity to apply pratical, common sense principles to real life accounts and sales situations." ~ Terry Simpson, Regional General Manager / Qantas Airways, Western Austral


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