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Selling Skills training program

"A prospective client said: "How come in only two visits you have learnt more about our business than our current bankers?" - This has been the most powerful and useful course that I have been involved in. Thank you." ~ Bronko Kozel, Business Banking Manager / Westpac

"Thank you for what was the most relevant and productive training course that I have attended for many years." ~ Greg Keir, Business Development Manager / Westpac

"Enhanced/reinforced selling techniques and sales management. Excellent program which I would highly recommend to any business with a sales culture." ~ John Carrasco, Business Banking Manager / Westpac

"The PACE Australia training program I have completed has thoroughly enhanced my interviewing skills, questioning techniques and overall confidence. It has been a pleasure to attend." ~ Peter Scott, Business Banking Manager / Westpac

"The quote "Insanity is doing the same thing but expecting a different result" is very true. These training sessions force you to look at how effective you are, then give the tools to improve your techniques and do things differently. Very enjoyable." ~ Jayne Gillespie, Business Banking Manager / Westpac

"A structured program designed to encourage individuals to analyse their existing sales processes and by providing valuable tools and best practices create improvement in both skills and outcomes. Very well done." ~ Geoff Hill, Business Banking Manager / Westpac

"The skills acquired allow me to focus on what's important, the needs of my client, and then to use my product to provide a solution." ~ Darren Young, Business Banking Manager / Westpac

"Potential new customer: I consciously followed the sales process as outlined in the program and after listening extensively to their needs and asking the right questions, was able to best satisfy their requirements resulting in new business of $1M." ~ Ian Gash, Business Banking Manager / Westpac

"After completing the Effective Sale Communication Program with PACE Australia, I have found that in the first four weeks I have tripled my business opportunities which means at least $1.8 million extra revenue for my sales territory. I believe that in this competitive environment, for a sales team to be successful, they need effective training which actually works outside the classroom-PACE Australia has definitely provided this for me" ~ Ann Elliot, Account Executive Qld / Qantas Airways

"Opportunity to re-focus on the basics. 2+2=5" ~ Vanessa Young, Sales Manager NSW / Qantas Airways

"Get a grip back on the basics of selling and effective communication." ~ Sandra Lippits, Account Executive NSW / Qantas Airways

"This program assists to scientifically breakdown the processes behind communication and selling correctly." ~ Andrew Kelly, Account Manager NSW / Qantas Airways

"I found the course both stimulating and thought provoking. The refreshed and new skills a will make me a much more effective sales person." ~ Kathryn McCarthy,Account Manager NSW / Qantas Airways

"Effective sales communication has encouraged me to re look at how I do things... I am going to be a better sales person because of it." ~ Jacqui Timmins, National Account Manager NSW / Qantas Airways

"Learning to use the funnelling technique can only help the way we can increase QF business- and get to know our customer's real needs." ~ Fiona Reading, National Account Manager NSW / Qantas Airways

"I have been with the airline for 32 years - done all the training and more! This program has been a practical, hands on exercise that will actually work in the field- at ALL levels of contact." ~ Alan Dowsett, National Account Manager VIC / Qantas Airways

"The PACE Australia training has greatly enhanced my communication skills and questioning techniques. The course also provides an open forum for discussion of problems/ issues we may be experiencing, and suggestions by all on how they can be handled" ~ Fiona Lambert, Business Banking Manager / Westpac

"PACE Australia has given me a format for analysis and tracking of sales results as well as restructuring my interview techniques which has resulted in a significant increase in performance" ~ Mark Middleton, Business Banking Manager / Westpac

"This has empowered me to better understand my customer's needs and expectations" ~ Chris Baker, Business Banking Manager / Westpac

"This has been a good course because it has brought together many of the things that we do(and don't do, but should), in a structured format. Customers like an experience that is well planned, structured and ultimately delivers benefits in a short amount of time. Specifically, my questioning technique has improved significantly" ~ Andrew McColl, Business Banking Manager / Westpac

"I discovered that my role as an Account Executive has improved as I now have a better understanding of how to gain the most from a sales call with maximum benefit- for both the customer and Qantas" ~ Tim O'Callaghan, Account Manager VIC / Qantas Airways

"Our Company has supplied its staff with numerous sales courses- some effective, some not. This is the first that I can actually visualise myself putting into practice- starting today!" ~ Kathy Cameron, Account Manager VIC / Qantas Airways

"What I really enjoyed about this course was the simplicity and the relevance to the sales position I currently hold." ~ Tim Tsagaris, Account Manager VIC / Qantas Airways

"This course is not rocket science, it teaches basic selling skills, in an effective and easily understood way. This course would be useful for new members of a sales team, or people who have been selling for years." ~ Paul Loelner, Account Manager VIC / Qantas Airways

"The Sales Success course will allow me to maximise sales information intake, and minimise the time spent searching for the information. I feel a lot more confident with my line of questioning." ~ Stephen Neate, Account Manager VIC / Qantas Airways

"The course was enjoyable, interesting and relevant to my role. I will take away with me many new skills that I didn't have before undertaking the course, that WILL make a difference to my performance." ~ Dean Colton, Manager Industry Sales VIC / Qantas Airways

"Having been in a sales environment for many years it was refreshing to have a clear, well presented and easily digestible program. These days were 'sharpening my axe'. When you keep chopping away at the trees, you need to go back to the workshop to sharpen your tools... they are also life tools and values" ~ Susie Groucutt, Account Manager VIC / Qantas Airways

"PACE Australia has showed me how to identify opportunities that I had been missing" ~ Grahame Jones, Business Banking Manager / Westpac

"The focus and structure help me to perform more professionally. I no longer feel like I ad-lib." ~ Patrick Ryan, Business Banking Manager / Westpac

"A worthwhile program of techniques and improving sales routines. An opportunity to take time and fine tune our questioning and listening abilities." ~ David Jamieson, Business Banking Manager / Westpac


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