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Sales Process Mapping program

"This is not rocket science, yet it is amazing how we overlook the simple common sense things. PACE Australia have taught us how to increase our levels of efficiency and profit." ~ Bernie Bruton, NSW Supervisor / Canon Finance Australia

"An excellent course which gave a very thorough understanding of the sales development process. The course has provided the fundamental information required to produce real results. Thoroughly recommend the course to any sales organisation." ~ Paul Hanslow, Account Manager / Canon Finance Australia

"This has been one of the best seminars I have attended. The facilitator has certainly listened to our requirements and tailored the sessions accordingly. I can't wait to get back to the office to implement what I learnt." ~ Charlie Blancato / Canon Finance Australia

"This course was the most informative, exciting course I have ever attended. The ideas were in some ways so simple and yet none of us had thought of them!" ~ Sandra Chandler, Territory Manager / Stephen Hunter Pharmaceutical

"The 2 day course has given me a whole new way of looking at how I do business. I used to think that I was a good planner and well organised, until I attended your course. The course has certainly changed my whole way of thinking. I have found that I am now planning my objectives in a much more constructive way and have put it to the test these last 2 days. The outcome was staggering as well as embarrassing. Staggering because I sold in 41 new products, embarrassing because I couldn't do it last year." ~ Ingrid Rubey, Territory Manager / Stephen Hunter Pharmaceutical

"The program taught us how to use leverage points to build all of our accounts in areas of distribution, sales and profits. It also provided us with excellent methods and tools to open new accounts." ~ J Walker, Territory Manager / Stephen Hunter Pharmaceutical

"At the beginning of the program I wasn't sure what to expect - another program, another presenter!' However, as time progressed I began to understand how simple the concept of ownership is and working in the small group format makes it easier to gain a lot more benefit from interactive role plays and situation selling." ~ Patrick Tate, Territory Manager / Stephen Hunter Pharmaceutical

"The PACE Australia course I found to be superior to the many I have attended within our industry. The course was bright, did not labour too long on specific points and was presented very professionally in a very interactive manner." ~ Graham Darke, Territory Manager / Stephen Hunter Pharmaceutical, Tasmania

"It delivers well though out and practical suggestions for improving all aspects of job performance in a manner that makes it appropriate for all sorts of businesses. I know that I will gain value out of the weekend in regard to achieving personal as well as business goals." ~ Jacqui Bridge, Territory Manager / Stephen Hunter Pharmaceutical

"Thank you for what was the most relevant and productive training course that I have attended for many years. I actively increased call activity with a view to increase pipeline/ conversion draw downs for July-Sept quarter. Results?-pipeline increase + $7.2 mil." ~ Greg Keir, Business Development Manager / Westpac

"My personal business plan has allowed me to consolidate a structure to my business planning for a successful future at Volante. I now have a vision for the short/medium/long term future and I am confident that with these tools, I will succeed." ~ James Gardiner / Volante Integrated Technology

"The account planning process has helped me as a Customer Manager to priorities my work and therefore allows me to spend time in the right areas with my customers".  ~ Carolyn Townsend, Customer Manager / AGL Energy Sales & Marketing

"To be able to see where our business is heading and spot downfalls before they happen ... well in advance." ~ Glenn Folkes / Volante Integrated Technology

"These tools are enabling us to identify areas in our approach to our client base that we are currently missing. They provide an organised approach to grow and brickwall to focus on our strengths, weakness and attitudes. They will provide a common approach across the sales team for 'selling' Volante in the market place." ~ Sue Spence / Volante Integrated Technology

"The PACE Australia process provides:

  • A refined pipeline
  • Consistency in alignment of personal and company goals
  • Identifying gaps in our snapshots and areas to increase focus
  • Fresh attitudes and improved confidence in account management role by embracing new tools
  • Clearer direction via actions
  • Ease of access to information across the business plan."

~ Volante Integrated Technology, Victoria Sales Team

"The PACE Australia Sales Mapping concept delivers a simple process of knowing where my business comes from and why." ~ Hank MacInnes, Business Development Manager / Westpac

"The process is practical, to the point and provides me with tools to better manage current and future relationships." ~ R K Shield, Business Banking Manager / Westpac

"The tools and processes developed here will dramatically increase focus onto the areas that will increase my business and increase my return in the most efficient way." ~ Andrew Cutler / Volante Integrated Technology

"It makes me manage my business far more effectively as a contribution towards results." ~ Scott Thomas, Customer Manager / AGL Energy Sales & Marketing

"It has allowed me to stand back and look at current business, and how I can change focus and priorities for the future." ~ Lorraine Jacobs, Sales Executive / Southern Cross Galileo

"A planned, managed pipeline rather than a fingers- crossed approach to achieving targets." ~ Belinda Jude, Business Banking Manager / Westpac

"PACE Australia has represented me with a unique pipeline reporting system that clearly shows the benefits to the user. The presentation and delivery was excellent!" ~ David Jam, Business Banking Manager / Westpac

"The approach has given me direction and clarified how simple it can be to improve Sales." ~ Michaela Rohrig, Sales Executive / Southern Cross Galileo

"This program has substantially boosted my sales results by providing me with the skills to build and monitor my sales pipeline. I have also developed my interview skills, showing much greater results." ~ Martin Sparkes, Business Banking Manager / Westpac

"The process and tools presented allow the opportunity to focus on our objectives and breakdown what are over-whelming targets into manageable 'bite size' processes." ~ Lynette Chahoud, Senior Manager / Lend Lease Corporate Programs

"This process will enable both sales and client service staff to focus directly on how to build business- the right business, and how to make partners of those businesses- not just customers. It provides practical tools which give a framework and the means to self discipline and motivation." ~ Sally Holdsworth, Senior Manager / Lend Lease Corporate Programs

"The PACE Australia sales development program has helped our sales teams, both direct and indirect, to refocus on the common goal as well as individual business goals. Staff feel satisfied knowing that WorldXchange is investing in their own development." ~ Meledi Mercoles / WorldXchange Communications

"The PACE Australia training has helped streamline the sales system, thereby helping sales managers and the team improve their effectiveness in creating sales and marketing strategies. They are able to analyse the results more effectively." ~ Kit Saint / WorldXchange Communications

"These tools rekindle many of the sales disciplines I have stopped using or forgot to use. It allows me to view my territory more clearly from a "working on" point of view, rather than "working in" prospective. Finally it gives me specific quiet time to think clearly about my opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses." ~ John Batel / Volante Integrated Technology


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