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Sales Management training program

"The Sales team's application of the program's directions has resulted in the development of a much improved "focus" on the business of selling effectively. We now have relationship and business objectives for key clients, SWOT analyses completed, a better understanding of the customers decision-making processes and the influences affecting that process. We're also committed to regular reviews, both internal and external, as a means of measuring our success. I sincerely appreciate the work that PACE Australia has undertaken with Qantas to drive sales success!" ~ Stuart Skevington, Regional General Manager Tasmania / Qantas Airways

"The Australian sales team has benefited greatly from participating in the PACE Australia Account Management and Development program. It has been a rare opportunity to apply practical, common sense principles to real life accounts and sales situations." ~ Terry Simpson, Regional General Manager Western Australia / Qantas Airways

"The development we are currently undertaking with PACE Australia, for me personally could not be at a more opportune time. I have only been in my current role as Manager Sales- ACT for the past six months, with nine staff reporting to me. With the management modules that we have already undertaken, I am already putting these into practice, with measurable results." ~ Shirely Field, Sales Manager ACT / Qantas Airways

"Cross sales of non-lending products is up. Other needs have been uncovered through funnel questioning- our investments and insurances sales in the April-September period were the highest ever. Also, penetration of our PC banking product Deskbank has doubled in the same period.

More focused approach to pipeline management and use of standardised probability factors has allowed a more accurate forward view of our planned results: our pipeline for the current quarter places us above plan- our best start for a new year, at least in my three years here. New customer presentations via tender documents and direct delivery to key decision markers has become more widespread, with a higher success rate in winning new business" ~ Phil Gibbons, Regional Manager ACT Region / Westpac Business Banking

"The structured approach your company has developed for sales techniques, planning and securing results is professional and pragmatic. The Sales Process Map incorporating prospect pipeline/ active customer base has been extremely useful to clearly identify activity requirements to achieve targets, and to understand the amount of business that will be generated from an existing customer base." ~ Peter Cameron, Regional Manager NSW / Westpac Business Banking

"PACE Australia has created a new focus on the 'return on sales activity', and has showed us how to reduce effort and increase results." ~ Anthony Igra, NSW Sales Manager / WorldXchange Communications

"The tools and processes introduced are an invaluable resources to ensure that our group stays on track to achieve our plan." ~ Greg Nolan, Regional Manager / Westpac Business Banking

"PACE Australia delivered crucial fundamental sales training that has produced higher levels of productivity and focus for the Acer sales team. By utilising one specific tool developed during the program, Acer Queensland were able to identify key issues not previously recognised that resulted in significant business. Potential business in 99 is @750K. I have been in management positions with two multinational corporations and didn't realise how much I had forgotten about the fundamentals of Sales Management. PACE Australia were able to reinforce the values and processes required for me to complete my tasks and ensure the success of this Branch and it's staff." ~ Bob McNamara, State Manager Qld / ACER Computers Australia

"The account planning process introduced by PACE Australia has assisted us in developing a more effective and structured Sales Management Process, which in the longer term will lead to a unique competitive advantage." ~ Robert Keft & Anna O'Donell, Sector Managers / AGL Energy Sales & Marketing

"This program has a place in any sales business (infant or mature). It can only improve our sales performance." ~ Mark Thomsen, Regional Manager / Westpac Business Banking

"PACE Australia has given the team sales and personal development training which individuals can readily relate to work and personal experiences. PACE Australia understood our business and industry before they started. This enabled them to relate the development to real life experiences which has assisted me to add more value to the team." ~ Melpo Pupulas, NSW Sales Manager / Express Data

"One of our key objectives has been to more closely integrate m marketing with other departments, especially sales. The Business Process Map is a tool which facilitates this integration. Campaigns are now assigned to the various stages, allowing account managers to plan their sales and marketing activities and to identify possible shortfalls in advance of them occurring." ~ Matthew Wilson, National Marketing Manager / Datawatch, a Subsidiary of NASDAQ listed Datawatch Corporation

"PACE Australia has provided us with the tools for success by developing a cohesive sales team structure with a definitive plan of action to achieve the organisations sales objectives." ~ Angela Fundak, Professional Divison Manager / Oral-B / Braun, a Division of Gillette Australia

"PACE Australia has provided ACER with a methodical approach to sales and sales planning customised for our company and industry, and a common language across the sales team We now have an affective measurement tool covering the key aspects of a sales organisation: realistic pipeline (forecast) analysis, qualified opportunities, measured and targated activity, development plans for our customers and our sales teams." ~ Greg Michaelian, NSW State Manager / ACER Computer Australia

"The PACE Australia input has created a significant change in the way in which our people now tackle their sales opportunities. Their confidence levels have risen alongside their skills base; I have no doubt that this development will contribute to their future success, and to delivery of Results to the division."  ~ Wayne Shearing, Regional Manager / Westpac Business Banking

"The results of the PACE Australia program can be measured through:

  • Business Results significantly above plan during the historical quiet time
  • Our average deal size has increased with better management of our pipeline
  • Changing the team's mindset from being just order-takers. I now have a sound framework to work with the team as we manage our business

I have no hesitation in recommending PACE Australia to any organisation that is looking to improve their sales performance and effectiveness." ~ Robyn Bailey, Regional Manager / Westpac Business Banking

"The Sales Process Map and all associated tools is a highly effective system which should be implemented into all results oriented sales organisations. As a marketing manager I found it particularly effective in promoting a common language within the sales/marketing team, enabling specific identification of the marketing effort required to increase sales." ~ Debra Papworth, Marketing Manager / Volante Integrated Technology

"PACE Australia's sales management concepts take the "gut feel" and guesswork out of understanding where our next sales is coming from. The practical concepts allow me to communicate with my sales team in an unambiguous way; there is no place for misunderstanding and confusion." ~ Mick Woolan, Regional Manager / Westpac Business Banking

"The PACE Australia process has been enormously valuable in setting some national standards across our organisation and helping our sales team reach their full potential." ~ Anthony Skeppers, Victoria Sales Manager / WorldXChange Communications

"The feedback received from our Sales Team has exceeded our expectations, they are now thinking positively about their own Territory development and the impact they can have on our business. Paul, I have been in this industry for over 20 years and this program has been one of the best I have ever attended." ~ Norm Brerton, State Manager / Stephen Hunter Pharmaceutical, Queensland

"This course was a real breath of fresh air. Basic planning and sales structure are things we take for granted. We know what we should do, but always look for the short cut. Your program brought us all back to where it began. We will all grow from now." ~ Colin Duck, State Manager / Stephen Hunter Pharmaceutical, Victoria

"After 28 years and numerous sales & training courses in the pharmaceutical industry, I found the meeting at Moss Vale to be the most beneficial. It explained in very simple terms, territory management and ownership, as well as better time management." ~ Trevor Delbridge, State Manager / Stephen Hunter Pharmaceutical, WA

"Unlike every other conference I have been to in the Pharmaceutical Industry over the past 32 years, the strategies discussed at our conference are actually being implemented all around Australia. Not only are we opening new accounts, but the new products we are selling into existing accounts is just unbelievable. Each week is a record, not only in NSW but right around the country and I would, on behalf of everybody at Stephen Hunter, thank you for your contribution. " ~ Alan Johnston, Sales & Marketing Manager / Stephen Hunter Pharmaceutical, NSW


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