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Negotiation Skills training program

"Get ready to push the boundaries even further." ~ Peter Spargo, Territory Manager / Warner Lambert Consumer Healthcare

"A very insightful course which broadened my knowledge about negotiations ... and removed the "fear" factor about dealing with difficult customers." ~ Trudy Dosiar / Warner Lambert Consumer Healthcare

"I now clearly understand the steps to negotiation- the importance of preparation - discussion - proposals - bargaining; and feel far more confident to approach my next negotiation." ~ Donna Backhouse, Account Manager / Qantas Airways

"Excellent insight to understanding the core principles of "true negotiating" skills provided me with the ability to recognise where I needed improvement & what to do to see powerful results." ~ Maria Pantazis, Account Manager / Qantas Airways

"The information presented has definitely made me more aware of what approach I need to take in my negotiation." ~  Andrew Pantermos, Account Manager / Qantas Airways

"Rewarding. I know now that the success of a negotiation is based on mainly facts and components. Preparation is something always taken for granted in 99% off tasks but it's how you prepare, what you focus on and how you go about this portion of negotiating. The reward for me has been to be able to take away the 'art of negotiating' thanks to a concise, clear and enjoyable two days with yourself." ~ Matt Trevett -Lyall, Accounts Manager / Qantas Airways

"It has been very worthwhile, having done previous negotiation courses I was looking forward to revisiting, relooking, relearning the same or similar things. This was not the case, I learnt so many new aspects, new ways of negotiating, learnt a tremendous amount about new & exciting things." ~ Jacquie Timmins, National Account Manager / Qantas Airways

"Preparation, get to know as much information as possible about my client (s), get to know their interests, as well as their position. The ability and confidence to present and negotiate an excellent contract." ~ Mark Cooper, Area Manager / Qantas Airways

"Confidence building, wealth of knowledge, and powerful". ~ Ann Elliott, Accountant Executive / Qantas Airways

"I found the course invigorating- and frustrating as this knowledge would have been so useful in past negotiations." ~ Manny Tzafaris, Area Sales Manager / Qantas Airways


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