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Launchpad ! - product launch training program

"Launchpad! allowed us to focus the team on the real business benefits of Datawatch Technology. It enabled us to re-launch the product with complete buy-in from the sales & product marketing team. The process you used was impressive. We could not do it on our own." ~ Leo Wilson, Managing Director / Datawatch

"I found Launchpad! to be a productive format that encourages a company to develop a common message, to take its product to market." ~ Matthew Wilson / Datawatch

"Launchpad! brought out all the thoughts, issues and knowledge onto the table and collected them together in a structured useful fashion. Provided the framework and focus as a team. Highlighted major areas of weakness in the company selling process that needs urgent attention." ~ Julian Pool / Datawatch

"A forum that encouraged team sharing of ideas, problems & selling solutions Each member contributed key points to develop the sales strategy. It is good to go into the campaign with a clear content & structure." ~ Jenny Engels / Datawatch

"Attendance of Launchpad! has enabled Datawatch to formulate a structured methodology for the delivering of a product through a solution approach. It has enabled the sales team to develop a team approach to selling our product in the market place. The structured nature of the program ensures the delivery of results oriented outcomes. A very enjoyable experience!! " ~ Bob Cupitt / Datawatch

"Launchpad! has helped me understand the product better and increased (dramatically) my level of confidence in being able to present it to prospective clients." ~ Sanjiv Tolat / Datawatch

"The Launchpad! program enabled the sales force to be confident about taking our new product, ingenuity,to market and helped them re-focus on the skills and activities required to succeed." ~ Tim Gallego, National Sales Manager / MicrOpay

"Launchpad! provided a easy base plan that enabled us to present a more polished presentation to our target market." ~ Debra O'Connell / MicrOpay

"I felt the last two days have given me a better understanding of the sales structure as well as content. Thanks for providing me with some much needed direction & coaching! You guys did a fabulous job!!' ~ Vikki Noble / MicrOpay

"The introduction and reaffirming of the sales process through Launchpad!, has helped me understand what issues my sales team go thorough. It has given me a methodology to help develop and assist them become better sales people and to meet their goals. Identify method-execute- assess." ~ Andrew Banks, State Manager SA / MicrOpay

"This program has enabled me to take away a range of new tools and a more focused approach that will enable me to measurably improve my sales outcome with our new product." ~ David Lord / MicrOpay

"I have appreciated spending dedicated time focusing on key issues that arise in the sales process for ingenuity, The opportunity to 'build' the process and rehearse it over and over has been invaluable." ~ Dorinda Sullivan, State Manager WA / MicrOpay

"I felt the last two days have been extremely beneficial in providing us with a structured 'cheat sheet' for ingenuity presentations. I feel confident that I can go back and perform an effective presentation, uncovering all the vital factors positioning ingenuity as the best possible solution for the prospect." ~ Louis McCann / MicrOpay


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