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Supporting the Sales Manager

There are few people in the sales organisation as critical to success as the Sales Manager. Behind every effective, motivated and successful sales team is an individual capable of true sales leadership.

Your Sales Managers are your most critical points of leverage in your selling strategy

Yet many Sales Managers have to learn their skills through trial and error. Many are promoted to the Sales Manager role because they were an excellent sales person. Often they were hired because the recruitment strategy demanded a body quickly, not necessarily because this was the best leader to put in place.

Many learn to their cost that the job of Sales Management is very different to the job of selling. Frequently they struggle. They may be given little help by senior management to become as effective as soon as possible.

Often problems or 'challenges' in the sales team can be traced back to the Sales Manager.

The Leverage Effect

"If you have one great sales person, you will have one great territory. If you have one great Sales Manager, you will have many great territories"

A professional and effective Sales Leader will understand how to create leverage through the sales team, leveraging the strengths of the better 'Star Performers' to the rest of the team, and reducing weaknesses in individuals and the team. They will know how to create an exciting Performance Management regime. They will know how to grow and build strong sales territories and strong and confident sales people.

What can PACE do for Sales Managers?

Our services help you build a strong sales management capability:

  • Analysis of Sales Manager strengths and weaknesses
  • Design and build of effective sales management strategies working in partnership with Sales Managers
  • Training and development of newly promoted Sales Managers
  • The training of high performance coaching skills and performance management methods for Sales Managers
  • Individual performance coaching and mentoring for Sales Managers
  • Transfer of effective sales management know-how and methods to Sales Managers: empowerment
  • Support to Sales Managers engaged in change management programs
  • Opportunities to network with Sales Managers from other organisations
  • Research into how to accelerate the performance of new Sales Managers
  • Support to Senior Management in interviewing potential new Sales Manager hires
  • Additional resources for Sales Managers



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