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Streetwise - beyond sales

Bite-sized practical workshops

For busy managers and their teams

Busy Managers know that it is essential to develop practical skills to achieve top performance, both for themselves and their team. But taking time out for learning is not easy these days.

PACE has identified the essential core skills needed to be successful and developed them into bite-sized quality workshops, ideal for the busy manager and his team.

"Streetwise" workshops help you to practice and embed new skills learnt so that they easily become part of your normal work environment. Workshops are delivered in short 1/2 to 2 day modules. Follow up sessions can be easily designed to suit your needs.

They give you more choices in the way you manage and lead your people, and give the people you manage more skills in working together as a successful team.

So next time you are planning your cycle meetings, conference events or simply want to continue the development of your team why not get "Streetwise"?

To find out more about the Streetwise workshops and download our brochure in PDF format (1,025KB). 

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Workshop title Summary Duration
Get the buzz going A team building workshop to kick off "Streetwise" 1 day
Getting your people engaged Develop a reputation as a great people manager 1 day
Negotiating and influencing skills Negotiate a win:win outcome 1 day
Pro-active problem solving and decision making Handle those problems more effectively 1 day
Delegation skills Delegate with ease: Strategies for effective delegation 1/2 day
Powerful presentations Develop confidence, style and impact 2 days
Time and priority management Gain more control over time management; manage priorities and time 1 day
Present the right image Personal image for maximum influence 1 day
"Sparkle" customer service Customer service with a sparkle 2 days
Manage and meet customer expectations Understand customer behaviours and drivers 2 days
Communicate with confidence Clearer communication all round 1 day
Play with wealth Maximise the return from your hard-earned dollars 1 day
Performance coaching skills Be a successful coach and help your team shine 1 day
Collaborate for success Learn how to be a true facilitator for group situations 2 days
Masterful meetings Run powerful and motivating meetings 1/2 day
Motivate your people Learn strategies to motivate your team 1/2 day
Design your conference Use a strategy to achieve your conference outcomes  

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