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Strategic account management - also known as key or major account management

Strategic Account Management has evolved over the past 20 years out of the need for sellers to devote specialist resources to large, complex accounts having special requirements.

Historically, accounts that qualified for differential status were characterised by several common traits: a centralised, co-ordinated purchasing organisation with multi-location purchasing influences, a complex buying process, large orders, and a need for special services. Today, SAM is practiced on the national, regional, multinational and global levels according to complex seller and buyer organisational characteristics and operational behaviour.

The practice of SAM is now a profession, an ongoing focus of study and a matter of keen practical interest to companies seeking to achieve competitive advantage and create future growth.

Above all, companies are striving to preserve customer relationships that are of strategic importance to their future financial health.

Installing a comprehensive SAM approach requires significant resource investment, long-term focus and multi-functional capabilities along with possibly restructuring of the sales organisation.

Many organisations struggle to do this without professional outside and experienced support.

PACE Strategic Account Management Consulting Services

As organisations have learnt that key client management is a strategic imperative then the subject has been elevated to a 'science' in its own right. 

The literature is awash with concepts, ideas, techniques and tools. It can be quite bewildering!

Organisations today need support and a guiding hand to leverage all of this knowledge and to guide in designing, building and implementing a focussed Strategic Approach. This is where PACE excels.

PACE consultants have many years of experience in working across a variety of industries acting as project manager for organisations focused on the design and execution of improved SAM processes, tools and skills. We understand what is needed.

Strategic Account Planning cannot be exercised by the usual "fill in the forms" approach we see in many organisations, nor the "but we have a CRM ..that does it for us" approach.

Critical Success Factors for Strategic Accounts

Critical success factors for effective strategic account planning are those combined elements that provide a powerful model for building a comprehensive, long-term and profitable relationship management program. The sum total of these elements equals a sustainable competitive advantage. Underestimating the importance of any one factor can have a substantial negative effect on the program's potential and success rate.

Examples of critical success factors for strategic account management include: creating the business case for SAM, ensuring top management involvement, selecting the right strategic customers, organisational alignment, securing and growing strategic customer business both routine and opportunities, locking out the competition, scanning and understanding the customer decision making process, getting to the right C-Level decision makers and influencers, selling, creating and measuring value, implementing the right program metrics, assigning the right Key Account Manager, the right team across multi-departments and removing the silo effect, driving the  role of technology as an enabling support, identifying key issues for the future, and ultimately realising the benefits of strategic customer relationships (ROI).

PACE Australia will guide you through the business case, the design and the execution process.




"The journey that we embarked on was a true partnership: your customer management framework, PACE Australia process and facilitation skills, together with our content provided Telstra Metro Service with an effective, robust customer management process that has enhanced our relationship with our key customer, Telstra Retail. 

We are currently implementing the process with Telstra Wholesale and we are very confident that you have equipped us with the tools and knowledge to be successful.  In short, we have been enriched by a true transfer of knowledge, tools and skills through the PACE Australia process you have provided, and I thank you again for a most worthwhile undertaking."

Alan Olden, Head of Metro Service Infrastructure Services, Telstra

"Working with the PACE team over the last year has been a positive experience.. From the early discussions we had when agreeing the scope and objectives of the project, it was clear that you were not going to come in and just tell us how to fix things but you were rather going to work in a consultative, facilitative and coaching way with us.

You maintained this coaching and facilitative style throughout the whole project and were accepted and trusted as a team member by the sales managers whom you worked with especially closely on the project.

I would recommend the process and methodology that PACE uses to any company who wants to find the solution to a sales process issue in a facilitative way involving the key stakeholders in the organisation early and then throughout the project. This results in optimum buy-in but also ensures that the resulting deliverables are practical and can actually be implemented by the organisation and not get put on a shelf and gather dust!"

John Reynolds, Managing Director, Novartis Animal Health


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