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Skills development

Our experienced training Consultants provide a range of quality in-house training solutions in all key areas required by sales managers, sales people, customer service staff and support staff.

Core / foundation skills programs

We have a range of "core" skills programs that provide sales and service staff with all necessary 'core' or 'foundation' skills - see right. 

Advanced programs

For more experienced sales staff, we find that small-group coaching sessions around specific subjects are often a more appropriate skills development vehicle. Too many experienced sales people have to endure the "sheep dip" approach along with less experienced staff and we find that this does not create the most effective learning environment for them. 

Short courses

PACE Australia provides, in addition to full programs, a range of half-day training courses called "Streetwise - beyond sales" specifically for local events such as State Sales Meetings. Our Training Consultant agrees a specific skills module with the local Sales Manager and delivers this.  

Even the most highly trained and experienced sales team will benefit from continuous improvement as well as regular reinforcement of basic sales skills and sales processes. Often time spent out of the field needs to be minimised and getting the whole team together from across the country happens irregularly

PACE short course training modules address this issue. Half day Modules can be more easily integrated with busy schedules. 

Regular events, as part of a series, provide opportunities for coaching and reinforcement.  Modules can be mixed and matched to build a development roadmap to suit the needs of the team, individuals and the organisation. And by focusing on one skill area at a time, a sales team can develop simple yet effective action plans for continuous improvement in the field.. Each session ends with an agreed action plan for the following months. In this way, a sales team can develop a 'theme' for the month and thus continue to develop their skills in the field

Our Training Consultants

Our Training Consultants have many years of multi-industry experience in the design, build and delivery of relevant and practical skills development solutions that create results. Their own development encompasses modern and effective training delivery methods and solutions. 

They can work with you on one-off events for short-term "up-skilling" or conferences and sales meetings, or alternatively  to assist you to build long-term development plans that interface with your HR and L&D methods to support your sales and service organisation in the longer term.


The Accelerating Sales-team Performance program (Managing sales people for results)
High performance coaching
IMPACTselling - selling skills
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