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IMPACTselling - a program for sales people

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is IMPACTselling a magic solution or cure-all?

No it’s not. We don’t profess to have a magic solution or silver bullet for you. IMPACTselling offers foundational, important and practical knowledge and skills essential for the face-to-face selling process.

It doesn’t profess to turn your people into “Star sales people” – only time on the job, field experience and expert and consistent coaching by their managers will do that – but we will give them a solid sales process template and framework to take back to their work with them.

Is the program designed for our industry?

We have participants from a very wide spectrum of business to business industries and selling situations. We don’t get them to talk about 'widgets' and 'wonkets' – they discuss their own products, services and customer situations and develop some practical customised tools that they can use straight away.

We have no hesitation in saying that whether you are from industrial, service industries, professional services, high value-low volume environment, low volume-high value environments, IMPACTselling will give you principles that apply in all cases.

Who are the facilitators?

IMPACTselling trainers have had many years experience selling in their own industries. As past Sales Managers, they have had to lead sales people and they all have solid experience in training sales people across many industries. Your people will be in really good hands – that is a promise!

How does IMPACTselling compare to other sales programs?

We’ve noticed over the years a plethora of sales training programs come onto the Australian market all claiming to offer the “wonderful, new, exciting” way to sell. They claim that “the old ways don’t work anymore” and offer the “latest strategies” and “methods”. “Guaranteed ways to win”! Of course they are all based on “deep research across thousands of (Fortune 500!) companies”.

Well, IMPACTselling isn’t going to claim any of this nonsense. Hope you’re not too disappointed! If you want fancy advanced gimmicks and strategies, then IMPACTselling is not for you.

If you, however, want a confident grasp of the foundational, core, fundamental strategies and skills for building a relationship and influencing decisions in a face-to-face customer meeting, then we’re confident that IMPACTselling will give you that!

Is the program full of American jargon, film clips and talk of "Fortune 500" companies?

Well, here’s the thing! You’ve probably noticed that many of the sales training programs on offer in Australia today are sold by franchised local operations who ‘import’ American canned offerings.

The IMPACTselling program was designed and developed in Australia, by Australian sales consultants, who work in and understand the Australian market, Aussie culture and conditions. It’s an Australian program, for Australian sales people. Participants find it totally relevant.

P: +61 3 6234 7485
M: 0411 223 431


IMPACTselling Program Information

IMPACTselling Brochure

Sales Manager Coaching Guidelines



About the IMPACTselling program

IMPACTselling provides sales people with those essential principles: a sales process, the tools, and the skills they require to get results.

The program content and agenda is based on moving people through each of ‘the 12 habits of successful sales people’ over 3 action packed days.

The program is designed to build awareness, understanding, practice and confidence in each area.

IMPACTselling uses the principles of adult learning to build interest, relevance and practical application for each participant.
We use the principles of ‘tell, show and do’ to give each person the opportunity to understand the process, use the tools and apply the skills
Each salesperson leaves the program with a detailed on-the-job application task that acts as the basis of a follow-up and coaching plan by their Sales Manager


What participants say..

“IMPACT selling has taught me the sales skills that I need to successfully sell. These skills are not only relevant for sales, but can also be implemented in real life applications. The concepts learned give me a clear and concise roadmap to follow throughout the sales process, allowing me to objectively monitor my progress. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn what sales is really about.”

“Fantastic course; given me the tools, understanding of the sales process and the confidence to go out and try them and to continue to improve them.”

“My initial reaction was ‘not another sales training program’ – however I was fully charged by the first break.  The training has been sensational!  Well planned, easy to follow, understood and the rules can be applied easily with practice and application. I feel more confident in my ability to control client meetings and get the commitments to improved performance.”


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