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Customer service

Organisations need to excel at customer service in order to keep and grow their customers. However customer expectation levels are increasing and customers are more discerning, better educated about potential purchases and therefore more demanding.

Find - Keep - Grow customers

Our focus is to help you and your staff to manage customer interactions in the most effective way, thereby creating positive experiences both for the customer and the staff member.

  • Develop a true customer culture
  • Implement effective customer service strategies
  • Develop measurable service objectives for managers
  • Train and develop the attitudes and skills of front line staff

How we do it

  • We conduct detailed research with customers and employees to develop success criteria
  • We plan strategically to help you deliver total customer satisfaction at each point of contact
  • We empower managers through leadership development and we coach team leaders
  • We develop the skills of the front line people and enhance their capabilities
  • We create attitudinal changes to bring about a positive service culture mentality
  • We help create common cross departmental objectives to deliver great service
  • We involve managers at the beginning and incorporate their personal objectives
  • We agree performance standards with the management team
  • We enrol the management team through a steering committee approach
  • We facilitate customer workgroups to prioritise service improvements
  • We provide one on one coaching to the program champion
  • We provide professional training workshops linked to program deliverables
  • We provide a coaching and mentoring process for managers focused on implementation
What strategies do you have in place for keeping and growing your customers?
What feedback mechanisms do you have for understanding your customer's expectations?
What steps do you have to minimise churn?
How are you going to enhance service levels if cost control is an issue?
How confident are you that each customer contact is as good as your vision?
If you are not able to answer these questions to your own satisfaction please contact us


"PACE Australia has approached each initiative in a consultative and professional way. They thoroughly research and consult before developing a program; they have a very sound and dynamic approach to their program development, delivery and evaluation.

"Staff and management have responded positively to the programs. In our Customer Care areas the benefits have been considerable. Customer complaints are down, escalations down, productivity up and staff seem much happier and less stressed.

"Also, I have been impressed with their quick development time and the way they ensure that the trainers and Consultants have the necessary experience and credentials to effectively deliver the program.

"I thoroughly endorse PACE Australia's approach."

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