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Sales performance consulting

PACE has many years of practical experience in supporting senior management to bring about improvements in specific areas of their sales process, and indeed in longer-term sales organisation transformations.

How are we different from the BIG consulting firms?

Of course, we can  provide audits or "health checks" for your total sales strategy, or indeed specific parts of your sales process together with reports and recommendations. But, in addition, we can work with you as a long-term partner where we roll-up our sleeves and work alongside your Managers to facilitate improvements and transfer know-how, expertise and skills.

Yes, we make recommendations, but more important are the results that need to be generated.

No intervention is successful unless there is strong execution and impact on results - and that is our strength! We adopt a practical change-management approach to ensure that changes do "stick" and become a natural way of doing things. We adopt a practical philosophy of "your results are also our objectives".

PACE Australia continues where many of the Big Consulting Firms can't - execution; because at PACE we have all managed sales teams ourselves, we can readily move from the 'design and build' stage to real-life practical implementation.

You will not find any 'heady theory' or complex jargon and concepts in our recommendations, just practical real world practical  strategies and actions, that recognise the fact that people and organisations can really only take change in small bite-size pieces.

Because of this, our Sales Performance Consultants thus typically develop long-term relationships with our clients; our clients value them because of the knowledge they have of their business, their people and their markets, and their ability to become part of the team in a very practical way.

But we need short-term, immediate solutions now - a quick fix!

In today's business world, there is often a need for immediate impact and results; the longer-term strategy is important, but the reality is that the short term is often a critical requirement.

Because business moves at an increasing speed, inefficiencies must be taken out now and replaced with optimised processes better geared to what's happening today. "And we have a product launch that is top priority"

For this reason, we have developed high-impact solutions geared towards short-term quick-fixes in areas of either the sales process or skills. We have a number of clients who use our support in a series of quick-fix projects, one after the other over a period of time, and that suits their appetite for change...

Sales process design and establishment of Sales Management KPI's
Sales organisation design, structure, size and deployment, territory management
Sales Management Strategies and Plans for State and Field Managers
Sales Productivity and sales effectiveness:
- Sales force working methods and tools
- Sales force activity management
- Sales force planning methods (how sales people analyse, plan and monitor their customer and field strategies) Field Sales Plans
- Sales Force Automation
Alignment of sales team targeting and goals with business objectives and marketing strategies
Strategic and tactical account management and organisation
Strategic opportunity management
Prospecting and new customer acquisition strategies
Performance management
Product and service launch and forecasting-Launchpad!
Compensation and reward strategies
Major customer negotiation strategies
Coaching for senior and sales management


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