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Call centres

Our focus is on improving your sales and service skills delivery. This will enable you to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales conversion rates and develop your team leaders to deliver optimum business outcomes.

We help Call Centres compete in the global marketplace by partnering with your organisation to develop customised solutions for both inbound and outbound Call Centres.

PACE Australia focuses on improving the effectiveness of sales and service organisations by strategically positioning the revenue-generating part of an organisation. Our Call Centre Consulting deals specifically with Call Centre development.

Our strategies address the challenges and issues of service and sales based Call Centres. Our solutions are tailored to maximise your return on investment in Call Centre sales and service.

Qantas Holidays have worked with PACE Australia over the past 12 months on a project designed to achieve a number of strategic objectives through our reservation centres: improve conversion rates, increase up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and to develop our staff to become more confident in their roles.

PACE Australia have delivered on their brief. Their approach has been both professional and thorough. In the first instance, they facilitated the project through a "steering" team of our own staff, which created the right environment for creating change. Their research with our staff and customers was very thorough so that once underway the team felt that they really understood our business and related to their situation. Their process of training our Team Leaders created very strong buy in from those who need to make it happen.

The feedback from our staff has been excellent - many report that the program exactly matches their needs and that this has been the first program in some time designed specifically to help them deliver their result targets. Team Leaders feel more empowered in their management roles and have enjoyed learning a new skill set in delivering training to their teams.

We look forward to further developing this project with PACE Australia and to working together for mutual results.

Simon Bernardi, Qantas Holidays

Mastering call centre skills

Effective selling or servicing over the phone is one of the most efficient ways that companies can both sell their products and maintain customer loyalty. Your staff need to have a foundation of core skills in order to do this effectively.

Team leader development

The Call Centre environment can be a difficult and stressful one given the people management issues and relentless demand for high service levels. It is essential that your Team Leaders are equipped to manage their people effectively in this environment to achieve desired business outcomes. We work with you to measure and evaluate business outcomes against key performance indicators to ensure the effectiveness of this process.

Managing business performance

In today's increasingly challenging market, your Call Centre will be under constant pressure by competitor and customer alike. We can improve your operations and outcomes by working in partnership with you to design and develop customised strategies that increase productivity and reinforce your overall business objectives.


Mastering call centre skills

Team leader development

Managing Business Performance


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