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Accelerate Sales Team Performance - a program for Sales Managers

Frequently Asked Questions

“We already deliver a management or leadership program. Wouldn’t we be duplicating?”
This program is very specific and tailored to equip sales managers with the methodologies and tools to drive sales performance.  The content has been developed over 10 years specifically for sales managers to be able to develop sales performance improvement initiatives that will drive sales team performance.  We do not cover in ASP modules that are typically covered in generic Management or Leadership Programs, and often which are typically not designed by sales performance improvement specialists. Accelerate Sales-team Performance is designed to underpin any in-house leadership development a sales manager may undergo. It is an essential complimentary process, skill and tool set.

"We don’t have an in-house management or leadership program, so will this module provide everything they need?"
Participants can at a subsequent time undertake “Sales Leader Coaching Skills” – a program designed to continue the development of the productive sales manager. The 2 modules together provide and extensive set of know-how and skills for any sales leader looking to improve personal effectiveness and sales results through their team

“Our Sales Managers are experienced...
Even experienced Managers learn new concepts that they will be able to apply to their role.  Experienced Managers welcome the opportunity to review, access and validate their performance, capability and approach, and to ‘pick up’ best practice ideas that are new to them or that they may have let go over the years. Sales Managers rarely if ever get the chance to work in a facilitated way on core sales manager concepts with other sales managers. It’s an extremely valuable part of their development.

“We send managers to programs, but little changes”
The program is designed in such a way that sales managers leave highly motivated to improve the way they approach their team. They also leave with a detailed Implementation Plan that will be followed up by PACE Australia consultants.  As always however, the final motivation to implement the plan must come from the individual’s direct manager. We enable that process as far as we can.

“We want to create a common language and theme across the sales organisation”
We find that when companies develop all their sales managers through the ASP process, they go back to work with a different and improved level of thinking, approach and language. The language they use and the methods they implement create commonality amongst the sales team and managers. When they say “Sales Process Map” – everyone understands the meaning and implication of the concept.

“We already have some sales management tools and of course we use a CRM”
The program introduces a comprehensive set of reasonably generic but practical sales processes and tools (meaning they apply to everyone, but specifics for each company of course need to be applied by the individuals). In many instances, sales teams have some of the tools, but lack the detailed fundamentals and know-how of why they are using the tools and the know-how and skill to leverage them to full capability. How many “CRM’s” are out there that the sales team consider a burden, instead of an enabling tool? Accelerate Sales-team Performance frequently gives an organisation more meaning and a broader basis for maximising the use of these tools. In many instances, sales managers have been able to go back to work with important fine-tuning and modifications in mind, and a far more comprehensive method for more effectively leveraging their team using the process and tools.

"Ok, so how can we integrate what Accelerate Sales-team Performance will give us with what we already have in place? And how can we take it to the next level?"
Our mission is not to get managers to throw out what they already have. Our message is “if it isn’t broken, don’t change it”. But can it be improved? Can it be better used? Can you get more leverage out of it? How can you get the sales team to be more excited about using it? In addition, PACE frequently conducts follow-up in-house bespoke workshops with sales managers from the same business that are designed to fully “customise” the PACE sales productivity methods and tools to the specific business. We help them to build a “next generation” custom designed sales management method, built on what you already have and want to keep, complimented with additions from our extensive sales management experience that your managers believe need to be integrated.



Accelerate Sales-team Performance information

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The PACE “Sales Performance Improvement (SPI) Framework
One complete model shows how all the Drivers of Sales Performance work together to create maximum effectiveness and efficiency in sales delivery

Star, Core and Poor performers
How to best manage them


The Sales Process Map
A practical method to plan and monitor the essential selling stages required in the process of Finding, Winning and Keeping new accounts. Without a Sales Process Map, sales people expend their efforts in unfruitful directions. The Sales Process Map provides much needed direction to their efforts.


The Sales Leverage Model
An effective way to deliver significantly improved results is to leverage all points of the sales process. Learn about the concept of leveraging, and how to apply it to produce significant results.

Secure long term results
An easy to understand sales planning model offers a proven methodology for planning and delivering long term results. By linking the day-to-day sales activity of each salesperson to their objectives, you can build a solid base of sales activity to underpin planned results. “Activity creates Results. Planned Activity creates Planned Results”.

Time and activity management in selling
Selling time is a limited resource. To be effective, Sales Managers need to show their people how to make the very best use of limited selling time. How to reduce time-wasters and increase active selling time is an important part of this workshop.
And many other valuable concepts



"I am leaving today with real, actionable ideas that I believe will be genuinely useful to me, my team and my business. I believe the tools I am taking away with me will improve the planning and account management in my team and increase my control of the outcomes by around 50%."

Samantha Ryan, Readers Digest

"A great program. The quality of the materials and the facilitators make it well worth the investment of time and money. "

Mark Croudace, Ernst & Young

"I have only been in my current for the past six months, with nine staff reporting to me. With the management modules that we have already undertaken, I am already putting these into practice, with measurable results."

Shirley Field, Qantas Airways


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