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Accelerate Sales Team Performance - Professional Sales Management Training

What the PACE Accelerate Sales-team Performance program offers:

An interactive, practical, proven program that equips sales managers to drive sales team results.

This 3 day program provides specific sales management strategies, processes, skills and tools developed for Australian Sales Managers using PACE’s extensive knowledge and experience.

Every Sales Manager needs a roadmap to help them build their sales team and drive results - and a 'tool kit'. Many managers are promoted into their roles because they were "good sales people". They learn the hard way that the job is very different. Many struggle.

Many Sales Managers take years of trial and error to build their craft. The impact on sales performance can be significant. It's not a clever business strategy.

Understanding and having field sales experience are essential - but there is so much more! The field sales team - the engine of revenue and profit production for the company is not the place to 'trial and error". This program can turbo-charge their efforts, giving them years of "know-how" in 3 action-packed days. Case studies, working groups, discussion session, information sessions and personal action plans all give the participant a tremendous framework for success.

The opportunity to 'step out of the woods to see the trees' and come back armed with many valuable concepts and ideas that they can immediately put into place should be an essential part of every Sales Manager's development.

“For many years now I have been sending newly appointed managers and senior sales staff on PACE Sales Management workshops. I myself undertook the course in 2001 and have first hand experience at how beneficial the course can be for managers – which is why I am so confident that my staff will benefit from attending.

In some cases the training validates many of the things managers are doing whilst showing them the ‘science’ behind what they are doing instinctively. For other managers who have had prior training or are a little more advanced the PACE Sales Management courses help to keep them abreast of any new thinking or it helps them see where they may have formed bad habits or be cutting corners in their current role.

Managers I have put on this course all come away feeling invested in and can see that Sales Management is a role with skills that are transferable from industry to industry and that the role of Sales Manager is not earned through tenure but through an understanding of the specific principles and skills covered in the PACE Sales Management courses.”

Group Sales Director



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The PACE “Sales Performance Improvement (SPI) Framework
One complete model shows how all the Drivers of Sales Performance work together to create maximum effectiveness and efficiency in sales delivery

Star, Core and Poor performers
How to best manage them


The Sales Process Map
A practical method to plan and monitor the essential selling stages required in the process of Finding, Winning and Keeping new accounts. Without a Sales Process Map, sales people expend their efforts in unfruitful directions. The Sales Process Map provides much needed direction to their efforts.


The Sales Leverage Model
An effective way to deliver significantly improved results is to leverage all points of the sales process. Learn about the concept of leveraging, and how to apply it to produce significant results.

Secure long term results
An easy to understand sales planning model offers a proven methodology for planning and delivering long term results. By linking the day-to-day sales activity of each salesperson to their objectives, you can build a solid base of sales activity to underpin planned results. “Activity creates Results. Planned Activity creates Planned Results”.

Time and activity management in selling
Selling time is a limited resource. To be effective, Sales Managers need to show their people how to make the very best use of limited selling time. How to reduce time-wasters and increase active selling time is an important part of this workshop.
And many other valuable concepts



"I am leaving today with real, actionable ideas that I believe will be genuinely useful to me, my team and my business. I believe the tools I am taking away with me will improve the planning and account management in my team and increase my control of the outcomes by around 50%."

Samantha Ryan, Readers Digest

"A great program. The quality of the materials and the facilitators make it well worth the investment of time and money. "

Mark Croudace, Ernst & Young

"I have only been in my current for the past six months, with nine staff reporting to me. With the management modules that we have already undertaken, I am already putting these into practice, with measurable results."

Shirley Field, Qantas Airways


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