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High Performance Coaching - a program for Sales Managers

What the PACE High Performance Coaching program offers:

This program offers interactive, practical and proven training in a powerful development program designed to help sales managers to coach and lead their sales team.

The 2 days provides an effective approach to the challenge of sales management by drawing on the extensive experience gained by PACE Australia across a wide range of industries.

This program develops critical sales manager capability that will positively impact sales results.

Sales Managers will learn:

  • How to analyse and plan the development of their sales team
  • How to use different techniques for the training of their team
  • How to build the confidence of the sales team using a powerful coaching model – the RIGOW model
  • How to develop their personal leadership style with different people in their team
  • How to communicate more effectively with the team and individuals
  • How to conduct effective and motivating joint field visits as coaching opportunities
  • How to increase their total sales leadership effectiveness through improved people and communications skills

The program content is quantitatively supported by research by the Sales Executive Council.  The SEC identified that sales teams that receive high quality Sales Coaching will outperform sales teams that do not receive sales coaching on average by 17%.  However Sales Coaching is poorly executed and not consistently delivered. 

This program develops a number of PACE Sales Performance Improvement  (SPI) Drivers related to driving effective sales behaviours. The SPI  is a practical model that explains in simple terms the Drivers that impact upon the attitude and behaviours of sales people and thus their sales performance.

The knowledge, skills and confidence of the sales team is closely linked to results.  It is as important as sales activity analysis and planning; an area of development from the PACE “Accelerate Sales – team Performance” program.

Poor or minimal sales coaching ability and confidence by sales managers acts as a barrier to improving team results. This program shows sales managers how to overcome that barrier and how to become an effective high performance coach for sales people.

Effective sales managers are effective coaches.

Who should attend – Pre-requisites

Sales managers seeking to improve their effectiveness in leading their sales team through effective and powerful coaching techniques and who wish to develop confidence in working with the individuals of their team.

Note: a pre-requisite of this workshop is prior attendance on the PACE Accelerate Sales-team Performance program, as this workshop continues the themes and methods developed through the ASP program.

P: +61 3 6234 7485
M: 0411 223 431

Program content includes:

Managing sales team competence
What are the sales team’s required skills and knowledge? How can you evaluate them? Learn about the essential links between results, actions and competence. And plan individual and team development to improve results.

Performance coaching in the selling environment
How can you encourage your people, and help them grow? Learn a powerful coaching method, called RIGOW, which gives you the skills to do just that. Learn how to apply these skills to field coaching situations, as well as for review and planning meetings. How to use the Coaching Roadmap concept and build a Coaching Roadmap for each person in the team

Leadership styles for sales managers
Leadership plays a vital role in the skills, confidence and motivation of people. Learn how to develop a flexible style that can succeed with different people, at different stages of their development and situations. A valuable tool for performance improvement: Situational Leadership.



Download the full program brochure

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How to build the confidence of the sales team by managing their knowledge and skill levels


How to work with Level 3 of the Sales Planning Model that links development plans to business results


How to lead and control of the training process for the sales team


How to build Personal Development Plans for each sales person

Developing the qualities and characteristics of Star Coaches

How to work with the RIGOW Performance Coaching method

How to effectively coach salespeople using proven performance coaching - in the office and in the field
How to build and use a Coaching Roadmap
How to conduct effective and motivating joint field coaching for each sales person
How to work with four key leadership styles – Situational Leadership
How to get people to commit to a strategy and action plan....and more



"I am leaving today with real, actionable ideas that I believe will be genuinely useful to me, my team and my business. I believe the tools I am taking away with me will improve the planning and account management in my team and increase my control of the outcomes by around 50%."

Samantha Ryan, Readers Digest

"A great program. The quality of the materials and the facilitators make it well worth the investment of time and money. "

Mark Croudace, Ernst & Young

"I have only been in my current for the past six months, with nine staff reporting to me. With the management modules that we have already undertaken, I am already putting these into practice, with measurable results."

Shirley Field, Qantas Airways


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